Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing Explained

Refinishing and reglazing an old bathtub is the process of restoring it to its original state. Homeowners use this process to conserve time and resources compared to installing a brand new bathtub, or to preserve an old tub for historical purposes. Few homeowners know that there is an option to refinish and reglaze a tub. In many cases, people will pay more for a new bathtub than if the old one was removed and replaced. This article will attempt to explain how the whole process works in order to inform homeowners who are interested in bathtub refinishing spray.

Even very old and damaged bathtubs can be repaired. Refinishing or reglazing a tub can be used to fix most damage, including scratches, dent, and chipped tubs. This will restore the tub’s natural shine. Filling cracks with epoxy-based filler is done in the same way as bodywork on cars. This filler, which is also known as a repair material for imperfections and damaged areas on vehicles, leaves behind a smooth surface.

Next, a special bonding agent is applied to the tub surface. This allows a new finish to be applied in a systematic manner. The surface of the tub is coated with fine finish spray to prepare it for polishing and buffing.

The tub is now smooth, uniform and probably even looks discolored. Next stage should alleviate any concerns. The tub can be restored to its original state by buffing it with progressively finer-grit equipment. It will then become smoother, cooler and more pleasant to the touch. It might be dull but the last step is to use high-speed polishing equipment to make it shine. This will allow the tub’s surface to resist water for many years if properly maintained.